Facilitating Agricultural Regeneration Measures in Northeast (FARM Northeast)

During the month of July to Sept 2016, the field staffs did follow up of the projected villages and discussed about their daily activities and the social issues in and around the villages. As the field staffs open up the discussion by asking about the ongoing traditional farming activities, the Farmers were happy to share that they gain knowledge about the practice of mixed cropping and off-season farming. At first, the people of the projected villagers have no knowledge or even if they know little, they do not put into action. After the coming of the FARM project, people are aware of the farming systems and plantation of plants during the off season will help them to cover up the expenses. Now in the second phase, the projected villages mostly all the households started utilizing the field and planted crops in the off season as well. People are also aware of mix cropping and also put into action. The Farmers came to know that the repetition of the same crop which grown over the year again and again will affect the fertility of the soil. Farmers have now learned that mixed cropping will greatly influence for the fertility of the soil. Farmers are now adapted to mixed cropping and planting of crops during the off season. Ginger is a tropical plant and is best suited to places where rainfall is abundant in the early part of the growing season and continues till September, so  Machi and its surrounding areas is best suited for the Ginger plantation. Farmers club such as chanshil village have common farms where they grow Ginger, bamboo, Lemon etc. The Ginger crop is harvested depending upon on its demand. The best time for harvesting of ginger is after nine month of planting as it gives higher yield. Ginger is usually planted in Machi region during the month of April and harvested in the month of December.