Rehabilitation of displaced Tribal community with special focus on women and children affected by ethnic violence in Keihao and neighbouring villages.

The project is an initiative to rehabilitate the displaced Tribal communities who have been affected by the ethnic violence that took place in Manipur in the nineties. Implemented in ten villages, inhabited by the Nagas, Kukis, Gangtes and Meiteis, the project aims to rehabilitate and reinstate the displaced and dislodged communities due to the ethnic conflict. Promote communal harmony and peaceful coexistence between the different ethnic communities living in the project area. Reinstate the low status of women and children and provide ample opportunities for a dignified life and a resurgence of the communities through active participation of women and education of the children is a focal point of the project.  


Goal: Strengthened and self- sustainable village communities living in peaceful coexistence and respecting mutual interests.

  • Promotion of livelihood option by reclaiming agricultural land and training on various income generating activities with gender equity.
  • Promote and sustain SHGs and OFGs promoting saving and thrift.
  • Revitalization of Village Schools and inculcating an interest for education among young children.
  • Reorient the disoriented children who have left School for completion of the High School education.
  • Establish an inter village peace committee and networking with inter faith based Organizations.


  • Training on agriculture & allied activities
  • Seed and irrigation support for agriculture and horticulture activities.
  • Soil fertility enhancement support for sustainable agriculture
  • Workshop on peace & conflict resolution
  • Formation of Village Level Peace committees
  • Skill Upgradation for women 
  • Training on women and child rights
  • Intensive study centre for the School dropouts
  • Balwadi centre in 10 villages
  • Motor mechanism and driving for selected unemployed youths
  • Training on fruit processing and confectionary items.