Peace Initiatives in North East India (PINEI)


Violent conflicts have been a long standing issue in Manipur and in the North eastern state of India. Such situations often lead to widespread destruction of lives, livelihoods, infrastructure and built assets, including community structures and homes. Recovery from these losses invariably represents a heavy, reoccurring economic burden for communities. In the face of such losses communities have been continuing to live in an unstable socio political environment for decades now.
In response to the situation, Diocesan Social Service Society has been playing a vital role to reduce the sufferings of those affected by the conflict but also in reconciliation and mediations to restore peace.   PINEI is a project on Peace Building through a concerted response of Organizations in North East Region with the goal of reducing violence and building better understanding between the ethnic communities for a harmonious and just society in the Northeast region. The project is being implemented in Manipur since June 2012.
Goal : “To contribute towards enhancing collaboration of youth and children from different communities and strengthening the participation in promoting peace  of civil society, educational institutions and interreligious organizations for the reduction of violence among the target communities and promotion of non violence in the states of Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura in North East India”
Target Group :
Various participants of the project:

  1. Faith Based Organisations and Civil Society Organisations.
  2. Various ethnic groups and religious communities of the State of Manipur.
  3. Government Departments, Law Enforcing Agencies and Media.
  4. Institutions, Schools and Universities in Manipur.
  5. Youth clubs, Student Bodies and Community Based Organisations (Self Help Groups, Farmers Groups, Resource Centres)

1) Issue based peace related seminars, workshops and trainings
2) Structures Formation & capacity building
3) Information, Education and Communication development
4) Media Network
5) Networking with Faith Based Organisations and Non Government Organisations to synergise individual peace efforts.