Preventive and Curative Community Health Care in North East India

Observation of World environment Day
The observation of World Environment Day was organised on 6th June 2016 by Sr. Angeline in collaboration with the youth of Chingjaroi Khullen. There were 65 participants for the day. All the dignitaries were given a sapling to plant it. The youth took keen interest and collaborated very well.

In the month of June 2016 Immunization was conducted in Chingjaroi Khullen, Chingjaroi Khunou, CV Village, Longpi Kajui and Kalhang villages under the Health Care Centre of Chingjaroi Khullen and Longpi Kajui. There were 46 children who got vaccination and ten children were fully immunized.  Women for ANC check up were seven and PNC were three.


Awareness on Intensified diarrhoea control fortnight
Sr. Jancy Manuel the health supervisor of Longpi Kajui and the ASHA (VHW) conducted one day awareness programme on prevention of diarrhoea and the importance of Immunization and breast feeding on 23 July 2016 at Longpi Kajui. There were 20 mothers and children for the animation. Sr. Jancy spoke on the prevention of diarrhoea and the ASHA worker spoke on the importance of immunization and breast feeding for the children. Soon after the talk they distributed Folic Acid and Zincovit Syp to the participants which were supplied by the Government. The mothers were happy to get the knowledge and the medicine and grateful to the resource persons.

On the 17th of July 2016 Mrs. D. Rose Mary conducted training at Akutpa Purul for ten women how to prepare Alovera medicine for different sicknesses such as cancer, burnt case skin disease and how to take the medicine after making. She explained and showed in them the procedure. The women were grateful to her for teaching them.
On the 24th of July 2016 Miss Sabina and Lomoru the health Workers conducted training at Atongba Purul for the 12 women the preparation of Alovera Medicine and explained to them its usefulness and how to take it for various illnesses.

The awareness seminar on vaccination, Institutional Delivery and Breast Feeding was conducted in Longpi kajui, Sugnu, Kholian, Chingjaroi and Purul by Sr. Jancy Manuel, Sr. Merlin, Mrs. Nemjaneng, Sr. Angeline and Francy in the month of July and August 2016. There were 266 participants in from the six centres. The participants were very happy as some of them attended such seminar for the first, especially the young women.

Road repair by VHTFs, Ashas, VHWs and Youth
During the previous VHTFs Meeting the VHTFs and VHWs of Chingjaroi khullen decided to repair the public road which was very badly destroyed by the continuous rain. So they mobilized the Youth and repaired the public road on the 20th August 2016. The health supervisor Sr. Angeline, the priest and the Sisters joined in the road repair. The 41 participants consisting of VHTFs, VHWs and youth were very much satisfied with the work done. It was appreciated very much by the people for the initiative taken by the VHTFs and VHWs. At the end of the work Sr. Angeline provided for them tea and snacks and at the end of the refreshment she thanked everyone for the interest and hard work they put for the welfare of the village people.

Medical camps for women (ANC & PNC) check up and for children were conducted in five Health Care Centres in the month of August and September 2016 with the help of six doctors from Ukhrul, Chapi karong and Senapati. The doctors were assisted by the health supervisors, VHWs and ASHAS. The total No. of women and children treated during the medical camps in all the five centres were 667.