Regional Action for Initiating Safety & Empowerment of Women in NEI

The first Advocacy meeting cum training was organised on the 15th of August 2016, at St. Paul’s Retreat House Mantripukhri for the presidents and secretaries of the parishes. There were 34 women participants for the meeting cum training. The resource person of the day was Rev. Fr. Dominic Kanmi the Director of DSSS Imphal. He explained to the participants the meaning of Advocacy/Vigilance group, the guide lines, Requirements for advocacy, of formation of Advocacy group and how to go about in the formation of the group

At the end of the session the women were very much reluctant to form the group. They insisted on one more training so that they will be sure of the work. It was decided to have one more training for the Apex executive members on the 2nd October 2016. After a long discussion the participants decided to form first with the existing group of the Apex body of the different tribes such as Kuki, Tangkhul, Mao, Paomei, Maram and Rongmei.
According to the decision taken in the previous meeting the Apex Body of the women of different tribes had the training and meeting on the 2nd of October 2016 at St. Paul’s retreat House Mantripukhri. Rev. Fr. Dominic Kanmi was once again the resource person of the day.
The resource person once again reminded on the pros and cons of formation of Advocacy Group along with the subtopics such as ,Volunteerism, Giving community, Collaborators, Principles, The Church and Civil society, The Role of Civil Society, The three Actors, Impact, The Scenario. He also spoke in brief on the guideline of human trafficking. He said that the group need to have close collaboration with the Chief, the Youth, and Women Society, State level women commission, the church and the police.