Chalice Direct Family Fund  Sponsorship Programme

Under Diocesan Social Service Society, Imphal, Chalice Direct Family Fund (DFF) Sponsorship Programme was launched in May, 2011. It is supported by Chalice, a Canada based Catholic Sponsorship Programme.
The Goal of DFF Sponsorship Prgoramme is to make sure that “thepoor tribal children are able to get quality education” and “to capacitate skills and technology to the parents of the sponsored children and to bring about sustainable development in the family and community at large”. The project have a future plan in order to fulfilled the goal based on a) More no. of New children application will be send for sponsorship, b) The target group will be orphans/children of widow and single parent/ physically/ mentally challenge and HIV infected and affected, c) Organize skill trainings for Chalice Circle Group (CCG) members, d) Promote enterprising individual from the community; e) Organize trainings on leadership skills for sponsored children, and f) Organize career guidance and counseling programmes for the sponsored children.
The Programme mainly focused on, a) Education which supports children’s education, School fees, tuition fees, boarding fees, school text books, stationery items, uniforms, school transportation; b) Health which covers medical checkup, Health Insurance, HB Testing, First Aid Kit and Iron tablet to be given to those whose HB are low to prevent from anemia; c) Nutrition support given in form of training on promotion of kitchen garden to the sponsored children’s parents and food supplement for sponsored children; d) Family and community development which support training on entrepreneur development programme for CCG members; e)training on leadership for CCG’s leader on book keeping and f) training on livestock rearing for CCG members.
The programme is implemented in 6 villages of Senapati District and 1 village in Imphal East District of Manipur. The programme also focused on empowering the sponsored children’s parents by forming them into CCGs. There are 23 CCGs from the 7 villages. The individual member takes up income generating activities with the assistance from the group.
The expected outcome of the Programme is, by the end of the programme the sponsored family will give quality education to all the sponsored children and have improved their living standard.