About us

Diocesan Social Service Society, Imphal
Diocesan Social Service Society, Imphal (DSSS) is a registered voluntary Non-Government Organization, registered under the societies Registration Act, Reg. No. 253/M/SR/1991. It is the development wing of the Archdiocese of Imphal, which initiates, plans, formulates monitors, co-ordinates, and implements and evaluates all the development projects. The Diocese of Imphal comprises the entire state of Manipur. It was established in 21st April 1980 with Bishop Joseph Mittathany as its first bishop.The diocesan Social Service Society came into existence in 1991. The objectives for which the society is established are to provide technical and vocational training, to promote scientific method of agriculture, horticulture, pisceculture, to establish farms, to perform works of charity and relief, to train development workers, in the state, to improve quality of life, to arrange seminars, workshops, conference, and programme relating to one or of its objectives.

Our Strategic Choices:
Issues on Focus:
1. Poverty and illiteracy
2. Ill health and Diseases
3. Promoting communal harmon
4. Awareness programmes
Focus Group:
1.Poor and Marginalized
2. Youth
3. Women
4. Village leaders.
1.Value education through educational institutions
2. Awareness building through people’s organization
3. Net working.